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Microlades Technologies Limited is a registered Company with CAC, with registration number Rc: 901371. It’s an ICT and Telecoms company to make the information technology easily and comfortably accessible to every individual and corporate organization. This is just our mini-profile for easy ready and assessment, we will be ready to provide the full company profile and resume when call upon.

In line with our practice as regards new engagements, we here by request to be granted the opportunity to highlight the range of services being offered by our firm.

Feature Services


From small Local Area Networks (LANs) to those across campus environments and from Intra-state connectivity (Wide Area Networks –WANs) to those across the nation, Microlades Technologies Limited services provide fault tolerant, cost effective, scalable, efficient, reliable and optimized networks.


Microlades Technologies Limited has tested competency in Telecom industry. We build sites, Install palisade fence, Site renovation, shelter refurbishment and Civil works. We have demonstrated that with our dedicated staff to clients like ATC and 9mobile. This is where Microlades Tech expertise delivers true  Solutions.

Surveillance Camera

We also undertake the tasks of installing CCTVs for organizations and residential places. In the modern days of insecurity, there is a need to monitor the activities of personnel and visitors in the premises. MTL makes this easy for maximum security of personnel and properties with installation of CCTV and other security gadgets

Clients & Partners

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